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 "Sintered powder material loading and unloading systems sagger automation equipment" in the city come out
May 29, Xianyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau has invited experts on the equipment Xianyang Huaqing Technology Co., Ltd. developed "powder sintering sagger automated loading and unloading system equipment" projects and technological achievements appraisal, appraisal committee listened to the team's work summary technical summary reports, access to the relevant technical information, after discussing the question that: the results developed with independent intellectual property rights of powdered materials automatic loading and unloading process, and developed to meet the full set of process equipment; various processes correspond functional monomers equipment advanced design, which after sintering powder powder sagger crushing devices and automatic powder feeding device sagger automatic leveling, technically innovative; through automated production processes and powder handling dust recycling process, improve the powder recovery process significantly reduces the production of the harmful dust pollution; weighing feeding through automation, improve the consistency of the production process to ensure product quality. The outfit of advanced technology, reliable performance, easy operation. By the Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision and Monitoring Station mechanical testing, the technical indicators meet the design requirements, the user response is good, the results to fill the gap, the overall level of technology in the field of powder sintering leading domestic level, can replace imported, the market prospects. (Xianyang Technology Transfer Network)



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