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 Domestic OLED industry "alliance" development

As a third-generation OLED display technology, is currently in the world is developing rapidly. OLED technology and the world of advanced countries in the whole industry chain, there are certain gaps. August 22, held in Nanjing China OLED Industry Alliance working group was established and started work conference, industry experts suggest that domestic enterprises in the development of standards, technical research and development, patent protection, marketing and so on must pick up the pace and strive to enter a virtuous development track.

Chain multiple links are not mature

According to industry experts, OLED industry chain, including materials, equipment, OLED devices and terminal products. Currently, rainbow, Truly, CMO and other mobile phone manufacturers modules supporting more complete end products can be applied to OLED components, ie, the end product of this aspect of industrial development to meet the needs of other sectors in the next 1-3 years are still at In the cultivation stage.

According to reports, OLED industry chain, including the production of glass substrate material manufacturers CSG, Dongxu, Aglaia luminescent material production, production of Xian Rui OLED materials and so on. "OLED is divided into PMOLED (passive electroluminescent LED) and AMOLED (Active matrix OLED LED), the former reaction is relatively slow, difficult to develop large-size panels, the latter reaction is faster, can develop the sizes application of basic domestic manufacturers have been developed for the production of a full set of supporting materials PMOLED devices, but in terms of technical reserves AMOLED there is still a gap. "Rainbow vice president Li Yu Chen said.

It is understood that the equipment, the small number of domestic equipment manufacturers, research and development of a single device orientation applies only to low generation, small-size OLED device production requirements. In addition, the domestic production of OLED devices can production line mostly PMOLED, only a rainbow's 4.5-generation AMOLED production line just this year put into production.

To enact standards, and promote technological research and development

Gaps exist in reality, how do we do? This year on June 2, BOE, rainbow, Pegasus, Nanjing First organic optoelectronics and other companies involved in the OLED industry set up China OLED Industry Alliance. Alliance in the 22 inaugural meeting of the working group, executives from each company, the experts suggest, from the development of standards, technical research and development, patent protection, marketing and other aspects, to catch up.

Cigna vice president, said the real plums, OLED displays lack of product standards, and the product has entered a variety of applications, OLED lighting research and development although in the pilot stage, but many well-known international companies have set foot in the lighting field, we recommend using the upstream and downstream industry alliance centralized industrial chain advantage, study and formulate standards for OLED products.

In technology research and development, technical director of Nanjing Tianyuan Sheng first organic photoelectric said, to take "co-digestion, native" three-step development strategy. Experts said the alliance but also a comprehensive and detailed analysis OLED industry professional barriers, build China OLED industry patent layout, marketing, and strengthen cooperation with domestic and international terminal application business exchanges and cooperation to promote industrial development.

Opportunity to work with foreign companies, "a showdown"

OLED display and lighting products are divided into two parts, the development of display technology currently abroad more rapidly than domestic, industrial processes faster, and lighting, the degree of development of domestic and international still closer.

Nanjing, the first organic photoelectric CEO Wang Jinshan said that in the light, we have a chance with foreign enterprises, "a showdown." It is understood that the company is currently the world's first built for next year, the first domestic production line of OLED lighting products. Plant construction, equipment ordered is in full swing and are expected to end production line will be built this year. Laboratory results are accelerating the transformation, has now developed a blue, green and red lighting panel, next step is to develop high-quality white light and white light products, estimated end of this year will be successful.

In September this year, will be built in Nanjing, a first organic photovoltaic industry transition from research to the "Zoom line", do experimental product. "We are also aspects of work carried out on behalf of lines is expected next year will be put into operation the first two days, the initial annual production reached 20,000 square meters." 2013 Five production line will be built for the Youth Olympic Games will provide OLED lighting products, to 2015 , the annual output will reach 100 million square meters, the cost will also be substantially reduced. (Excerpt from "HUD era")

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