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 Japan to promote LED lighting outline "minus nuclear energy" a new energy strategy

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, the Japanese government think nuclear energy prospects begin to redraw the national energy strategy. Naoto Kan, the government decided on the 29th, this is scheduled for next year officially introduced two new energy strategy will focus on change, one does not abandon nuclear energy in reducing the share of nuclear energy on the basis of the second is the use of new energy-saving technology to reduce energy demand.

Can not abandon its nuclear program

Kyodo news agency quoted government on the 29th release of the new energy strategy policy guidance document reported that the new energy strategy will reduce reliance on nuclear energy, but also acknowledged nuclear power plant under the existing energy shortages essential reality.

In June last year, Japan adopted a energy plan, intends to further enhance the share of nuclear power by 2030, nuclear power accounted for the proportion of total energy supply in 2010 to 30% to 54%.

However, the 29th issued document recognizes that the Government had to overturn last year's energy plan, incorporating energy security considerations, to re-develop a new strategy.

This document will provide policy guidance to the new energy strategy, proposed that Japan in the future must not completely abandon the existing nuclear power plants on the basis of the proportion of nuclear power to reduce overall idea.

The document said, completely abandon nuclear unrealistic in the short term, is not feasible. Document states that, in the short position, the "3.11" earthquake in Japan's energy supply in trouble, if nuclear reactors are shut down for inspection can not be restored in the next year before the summer operation, the Japanese national electricity supply will be at next summer peak demand When a shortage of 9.2%.

Reduce dependence

In the long term, policies and regulations to gradually reduce reliance on nuclear energy, but acknowledged that "How to reduce the" still need to discuss.

"To reduce the national energy supply dependence on nuclear power plants, we must now decide what to do. This requires extensive public discussion," File said.

Reduce reliance on nuclear energy is not easy for Japan. Document clearly, "those which have been demonstrated safe and reliable nuclear power should continue to use."

Moreover, compared to traditional power plants or new power plants, nuclear power and low cost. Document warned that if all the country's nuclear reactors shut down, use traditional or new power plants, then the Japanese electricity supply costs will rise more than 3 trillion yen (about 38.7 billion U.S. dollars).

Energy structure adjustment is the long-term process, and the need to constantly adapt to the changing relationship between supply and demand fine-tuning. But from another perspective, energy efficiency is an essential part of energy strategy.

Less energy required

This policy document says that in order to deal with energy shortages, in order to control energy costs at a minimum, the government decided to promote energy efficient products and energy-saving technology, from the relationship between supply and demand "demand" to start, release the "supply" pressure.

Documents mentioned in five years the government plans to vigorously promote light-emitting diode (led) lighting equipment use, and in the national dress "smart meters" to time-pricing methods to force users saving energy.

Popularity of "smart meters", the Japanese plan to modify the existing power supply network, the traditional power grid to the "smart grid" transition. Compared to the traditional power grid, "smart grid" more efficient, in accordance with the demand for electricity smart for different forms of electricity generation resources to optimize the efficient operation of the power supply and demand.

In addition, the Japanese government initiated the generation and supply "separation" operation to generate sufficient competitive environment, limiting energy profits. (Excerpt from "China LED Net")

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