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 2014 Lighting LED backlight LED demand will exceed

U.S. DisplaySearch in the "21th DisplaySearch Forum" (July 2011 27 to 28) on the led market forecasts delivered a speech, the demand for LED lighting is expected to amount calculated in accordance with the encroaching backlight LED, and in 2014 more than backlight LED. Speech of the company's LED Senior Analyst, DisplaySearch Taiwan's Leo Liu said that in 2011 the demand side of the LED lighting LED is 13,500,000,000 29,000,000, backlight LED to 45,900,000,000 69,000,000. Approximately 3.4 times the gap between the two sides. In 2014, LED lighting and LED backlight demand will reach 58,500,000,000 50,600,000,000 58,000,000 and 43,000,000, the former more than the latter needs.

LED Lighting LED backlight demand ahead of the reason is that with the steady popularity of LED lighting, each product in the LCD panel with an LED backlight will reduce the number. LCD TVs and LCD monitors and other large-size LCD panels using products, is currently backlight LED market impetus. As the LED brightness increases and reduction of product cost and other factors, these products tend to decrease with the number of the LED. In the large-size LCD panel with products, LED backlight is in the popular stage, so even if each product is equipped with LED quantity decreased, but the number of products is increasing, so the LED on the needs of the entire market has been expanding. However, LED backlight popularity came to an end, you can not depend on the number of products increased to compensate for the reduction in the number with LED, the LED demand will shrink. DisplaySearch forecasts that the demand for LED backlight in 2013 ushered in the peak, then gradually decreased.

According to DisplaySearch introduction, LED lighting popularity will continue for some time, so the demand is still expected to increase. According to DisplaySearch, Liu introduced in 2011 LED lighting products, lighting products in all the proportion was only 1.9%. Even the demand for LED lighting LED backlight overtake demand in 2014, the ratio is only 9.3%, so the growth of larger space. (Excerpt from "China LED Net")


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