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 LED illuminates everything: history is about to achieve the highest efficiency and lowest price

White LED soon or will achieve 200lm / W efficiency and the history of the highest price is lower than fluorescent, incandescent bulbs close to its lowest level. Any device, anywhere can take advantage of the coming era of LED lighting.

By March 11, 2011 East Japan earthquake and tsunami, Japan's Kanto region and northeastern regions of the serious power shortage. In place of the nuclear power outage, power generation equipment for the new growing demand, while controlling power consumption has become an urgent task.

Among them, as has the quick result of the initiatives and concern is lighting "LED technology." Lighting accounts for the overall electricity consumption in Japan about 2 percent. LED technology is through the use of energy efficient LED lighting reduce this consumption ratio.

LED of the active trend is also reflected in the figures. For example, GfK Marketing Services Japan released data show that after mid-March 2011, Japan's domestic sales of LED bulbs is increasing rapidly. April 2011 the second week, LED bulbs in all the bulbs in proportion to 27.1% by volume, according to the amount calculated as 67.0%, the highest record in history were recorded. Especially in the event of power shortage Kanto Koshinetsu region, this week's sales compared to the previous year increased by 182.1%, significantly higher than the national average growth of 120.4%.

The enterprises are also actively into LED lighting. For example, Seven-Eleven Japan plans to start in May 2011, the company gradually mainly located within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Electric Power about 5000 K store in-store lighting fixtures and store signs replaced by LED.

   "Sales reached last year's three to four times."

LED lighting technology is not from now began. LED lighting is not only imported from Japan, all over the world in action. This is because, LED white LED illumination apparatus with a lifetime of more than 40,000 hours, which is about four times the fluorescent light, the replacement frequency is low, but also a fluorescent lamp having a power consumption of only 10 to 40% and so on. Especially in Japan, in April 2010 in response to the implementation of the "Energy Conservation Law amendment" into LED lighting business is increasing. LED manufacturers use white LED lighting shipments increased significantly, Citizen Electronics For what that shipments in 2010 reached the previous year's 3 to 4 times.

Promote the realization of the LED, white LED lower prices. Previously, white LED prices have been higher than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent light sources have been higher. Unit price of luminous flux (brightness unit price) in the only other part of the street lighting white LED 2005 is 10 yen / lm so. This is much higher than incandescent bulbs 0.1 to 0.2 yen / lm and fluorescent 0.3 to 0.6 yen / lm price. However, the brightness of the white LED priced at an average annual rate of more than 30% decline into 2011, the industry average dropped to about 0.7 yen / lm. Prices for large customers 0.4 to 0.5 yen / lm, has been close to fluorescent lamps. (Text / Nikkei BP)


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