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 Japan and South Korea established PDP US alliance to determine the two planning

Beijing June 22 news, PDP is quiet once again return to the vision of people's attention, and is expected to follow with LCD TV comeback into the contest. Tencent appliances in the "2011 International Forum on PDP," the meeting was informed that the International Society for Information Display will bring together global technology and personnel in China to initiate a PDP engineer training program, while the United States Japan and South Korea as the representative of the plasma camp is being set up PDP technology roadmap working groups.

Temptation: PDP gross margin of 35% far exceeds the level of the liquid crystal

Global PDP market to pick up signs of the field had to let upper panel television industry, machine parts manufacturer companies and give renewed attention to a set of data shows: Last year, the global plasma shipments reached 19 million units; January to April this year, China Plasma TV growth rate over 30%, while the LCD is only 6.6% growth rate.

In addition, especially in the field of flat panel display 3D rapid development, TCL, Hisense, etc. With more and more enterprises begin adding 3D plasma camp. China Video Industry Association vice president Lin Yuanfang believe that the next few years, the market in China will maintain the plasma is not less than 30% of rapid growth.

While leaving the plasma camp rally is its higher gross margin. Korea Information Display Association Professor Ki-WoongWhang from a global perspective of the development of plasma, plasma business has been profitable, the display manufacturers and supporting manufacturers in the production of plasma volume has exceeded LCD TV.

In addition, Ovid Consulting General Manager Yu Leung-sing said plasma price stability has also led to its gross margin improved to 35% level. At the meeting, Changhong, Cheng Yong, general manager of multimedia marketing is even more bluntly said: "Changhong LCD PDP's gross margin is more than twice."

Visible in the 3D technology of plasma low cost and higher gross margins so that whole upper panel and businesses see the hope of a comeback.

Bottleneck: Panel slow expansion

Although plasma momentum so that the upstream and downstream industry participants should not be overlooked, Samsung, Panasonic, Changhong, Haier 3D gradual return due to the plasma camp. However, expansion of plasma panels fact very slowly become experts concern. Panel production capacity can meet the needs of the market will be whether the PDP TV companies to dedicate the decisive factor, but also the PDP industry is needed to solve the problem.

"Because the plasma panel into very small enterprises, the Chinese market more supply comes from two plasma production lines, the whole enterprise of plasma panels supply have some concerns." Yu Leung-sing said, "more plasma panels supply are concentrated in the rainbow , the whole enterprise for new entrants will face certain risks. Accordingly, Changhong panel production capacity should be accelerated in order to better cooperation with Chinese enterprises. "

Opportunity: China-US joint plasma camp Korea

And to promote the development of plasma, in addition to solving the speed of expansion outside the panel, the experts also believe that the reserves of talent and technology is currently the top priority of the subsequent development of plasma. Secretary-General of the International Society for Information Display, Professor Yong-SeogKim revealed, SID will develop the Chinese market PDP training program to develop the Chinese market, plasma research and technical staff training programs to support the development of China and other ions. It is reported that the International Society for Information Display currently has more than 7,000 members worldwide, about 30% of the members are from the United States. Association every year in major cities in the United States held a world-class convention and display information industry conference, held forums, publications.

Changhong Group plasma technology chief scientist Dr. Yan Qun that plasma technology focused on the future development of 3D technology, high light efficiency, low-functioning, low-cost trend. He said, in response to this trend, the United States Japan and South Korea are working together to build PDP technology roadmap working group, and to determine the scope of the working group members, to develop technology roadmap timetable.

In addition, plasma industry has been supported by national policy. China Video Industry Association vice president Lin Yuanfang expressed, "Twelve Five" plan clearly a plasma industry, three major projects, including full HD PDP module development and industrial chain, support the use of plasma high light efficiency material industrialization projects, and the development of plasma technology policies. (This article comes from China LCD Network)

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