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 My company won the "Award of Shaanxi Province patent awards"

Recently, organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office of Shaanxi Province Patent Award, the company's "fully resonant PDP energy recovery circuit" Patent won the provincial patent awards prize, which is Provincial Intellectual Property Office to give to my company research and innovation affirmed. Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province, patent award is the highest award the patent sector, aimed to encourage invention and creation, promote scientific and technological progress and innovation, enhance social awareness of IPR protection, and promote the industrialization of patented technologies, accelerate the Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property improve the quality and structure and adjustment, improve the enterprise's core competitiveness.

My company's "full resonant PDP energy recovery circuit" patent has been applied Sichuan COC PDP production line mass production projects, the technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. My company official said that the winning company will adhere to scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property rights and enhance their core competitiveness play a catalytic role, I will continue to walk the road of scientific and technological innovation, to achieve leapfrog development company for local contribute to economic revitalization.

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