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 Corporate culture: an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development

In recent years, more and more companies recognize that advanced enterprise without advanced corporate culture, because the development of corporate culture is an inexhaustible motive force, so have begun to focus on corporate culture. Here, let us look at Haier, Hisense, Baosteel Group and other outstanding enterprises introduce the advanced experience.

Lixin centuries Hisense culture

Hisense Group is a workshop by the hand of a dozen radio Plant developed. As a traditional state-owned enterprises, to healthy, sustainable and stable development, in which the secret lies in excellent corporate culture. Because corporate culture is a source of rapid development, is fertile ground for business success. Entrepreneurs not only an economic expert, is also cultural experts. Only into the corporate culture, shaping corporate image, Everbright entrepreneurial spirit, have a glorious future. Throughout Hisense cultural formation, can be summarized in one sentence, that is: respect people first, innovation is the soul, the quality is the root, emotional management.

Hisense has a true story: in August 1997 for a weekend, students from rural areas in Liaoning, Hisense technology center staff Yang Chu did not come back in the evening swimming baths, A motion president after that led the staff to immediately Baths search. At that time it was night nine o'clock, sea dark, rough, ready, there will be dangerous, but always take you weeks in a row, in waist-deep water in search of. Until the next morning, to no avail. A few days later, in the coastal fishermen and forces help to find the remains of Yang Chu. Face of Yang's family, Zhou said that the first sentence is: You lost a good son of the family loss, Hisense lost a great talent but also corporate losses. When Yang's father received Hisense Group gave him 100,000 yuan of money, the tears, holding the hand of Zhou said excitedly: "It's the sea ruthless, Hisense affectionate ah!

Cheng, vice president of Hisense start of training, said: "Hisense has a dream, that is 'tree centuries Hisense, do a hundred years the brand'; while the corporate culture of this fertile land, in order to realize this dream Hisense forged a very solid foundation."

Baosteel "customer satisfaction culture"

Shanghai Baosteel Group party secretary assistant Mo Zhen in the "innovation in the optimization of Baosteel culture," an article said, as the company's corporate culture is the birth of the birth. Ever since the company, there is a culture. But in the 21st century corporate culture is to the financial center to a user-centric, and the central planned economy to a market economy as the center by a seller to a buyer's market.

One thing to Baosteel people will never forget: That was in 1997, has been using our products Xiaoya Group do not know why not order it. We send technical personnel to investigate, ducklings an old worker shaking our plate, said a voice that substandard steel. Our technical staff immediately to the relevant technical department inspection, the results of the technical indicators are qualified. He has found older workers who say that our products meet the national targets, why not try it? Older workers say, the state qualified to say that you sold to the state well, we just do not have. Technical staff back, we carefully studied the performance of steel, why people do not like to use our steel it? After several visits to Duck Group, and in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers to bring new products to their hands, and finally won the trust of users, so fly away "Duck" is back. It's something to tell us, in order to continuously improve their strength, gain competitive advantage, companies must cultivate strong culture. To this end, we propose a TSM (Full Satisfaction Management) concept, because injection of new ideas is more important than the injection of funds, like table tennis, it was invented by the British, but the Chinese people have been leading the world. Baosteel is in this spirit of innovation and the world steel industry strong opponents equal dialogue, because innovation is the main theme of TSM is Baosteel building a competitive corporate culture theme.

With Haier culture activate the "shock fish"

Haier is a myth, but also a banner. If you talk about corporate culture, it should be said Haier's corporate culture in the country is the most unique. Haier's Zhang said, shaping the values ​​of the scientific enterprise, cultivate new spirit, is the first major feature Haier culture.

They believe that the establishment of a science that can make people shared values, is the core of enterprise culture construction. Haier's core values ​​is innovation, and all innovation is only one goal is to create valuable orders. The corporate culture as a business expansion strategy for the successful implementation of mergers provide a reliable guarantee, is the second largest specialty Haier culture. Familiar people know Haier, Haier each merger of an enterprise, sent to the first person, is the business and cultural center employees. Since the first use of an inventory of assets revitalize the corporate culture of people. Adhering to this idea, Haier has successfully activated a culture of "shock the fish."

Zhang Ruimin give you the story of a typical case: That was in June 1998, Anhui TV factory workers took to the streets on strike because they are unwilling to accept Haier's management. It turned out that their high wages, but the management are too strict, low-income working past may not work. To this end they launched the "Haier's management right" discussion, discussed only two days, the staff recognized the truth: If you do not manage, enterprises in the market on the untenable, there will be no corporate untenable employees wages . So only good business, employees will be good. Later they sent the workers' congress held ministerial career, announced to start work tomorrow. Then his cell phone rang, a call from his wife from the airport, is preparing to come to Hefei, and angrily said: "you out so much power that they do not understand also hit, we quit, with I go home! "the Minister said, you do not come, we have been resolved. Then he told the representatives of the employees, and I love to come to Hefei, and I told her not to come, we can really do it. Then the audience shouted one led three slogans: "Sun Minister can not go, can not go Haier, Haier spirit can not go!"

Zhang talked about this case, as well as cultural merger with Red Star Enterprises Haier case by income from Harvard University and an MBA from INSEAD materials.

Create a good cultural atmosphere, inspire employees and innovative vitality, so that companies and each cell is active, so that each employee have become innovative SBU (strategic business unit acronym), is the ultimate goal of Haier.

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