Xian Huaqing Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd
Add: No.6 Xilan Road Xianyang City Shaanxi
P.C: 712000
Tel: 13109606183 15353699653
E-mail: xyhqsb@126.com
Website: www.xyhqkj.com

Company general manager responsibility system under finance department, design department, engineering department, production department and offices. The company now has 56 employees, including engineers and technicians 45, Bachelor degree or above accounted for 90% of the total number of core technical staff with senior technical titles.

Company philosophy: technology oriented, integrity first
Quality Policy: technology-driven products, providing quality service, continuous improvement, to ensure customer satisfaction.
Company aim: customer first, dedicated to provide users with optimal cost-effective products.

The main equipment: 1 unit high-precision machine tools, welding equipment 12 sets, shearing machine, bending machine 3 sets, 15 sets of various types of drilling machines, plasma cutting machine 2 sets and so on.

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