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     Xianyang Huaqing Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 , the headquarters is located in the ancient city of Xianyang . Company dedicated to industrial automation and industrial robot applications outfit design, manufacturing and sales, while engaged in a new flat panel display (PDP, LCD, OLED , etc. ) equipment development, manufacturing and services , industrial robots and terminal equipment in the field of display technology intensive private joint-stock Company .
  Yaskawa robot with Shougang Co., Ltd. , Suzhou Branch Department of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. , Xi'an Aerospace Automation Co., Ltd. , Shaanxi University of Science and well-known enterprises and institutions to carry out horizontal, provides manufacturing equipment for the domestic and international well-known manufacturers and types of users and technical services. Meanwhile, the company Shougang with Yaskawa robots, Japan Hirata mechanic , Japan Miyamoto motors and other foreign companies have extensive cooperation . Companies in the industrial robot applications , industrial automation outfit , flat-panel TVs experienced driver circuit, linear power switching power supply technology in the field and has a strong strength.
  The company has produced a production line equipment Sichuan Changhong, Shanghai BASF, Yutong and other famous enterprises to develop , which is Changhong plasma panel production line development and production of the old refining equipment to fill the gap , breaking the monopoly of Japanese and Korean companies . The company also committed to high-power digital power , power electronics equipment, video processing equipment, commercial software development and electronic circuits ( analog and digital ) design, application software design , non-standard equipment and products, energy-saving equipment and other products of professional production, processing and technical services. The company's research and development team has an excellent track record in power electronic devices , embedded control systems, image display and processing systems and e-commerce software development and other aspects . The company will according to your needs , tailored to your products and technical services to the best allocation of resources to meet your requirements.
  High-tech companies rely on their own technical force, made ​​a series of remarkable achievements and technological achievements. Access to the State Intellectual Property Office issued the " invention patent certificate" six , access to the State Intellectual Property Office issued the " utility model patent certificate" four . In 2009 the company received the National Innovation Fund to support small and medium enterprises , in 2010 through ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification , in 2010 was named the high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi Province , Shaanxi Province in 2011 to obtain patent award and Xianyang Municipal Science and Technology Award certificates awards.
With its strong technical force , rich experience in engineering , quality and keeping up with technological development of new products , complete and scientific quality management system and "sincere " spirit of enterprise in the field of industrial automation for customers to save production costs and improve efficiency, make achievements , won the majority of customers and industry peers affirmed. 90 percent of employees have bachelor degree or above , the core technical staff with senior technical titles . Companies always grasp the latest technological developments in the industry , according to the special requirements of different customers , the organization of professional and technical personnel to design special equipment , the foreign advanced equipment, technology and experience with the design specifications of existing domestic standards combined with reasonable price , quality engineering quality build a perfect system works.
  The company's aim is customer first , and serve to provide users with the best cost-effective products . Welcome friends Xianyang Huaqing Equipment Co., Ltd. visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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